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About Us

mark jochnerMark Jochner serves as President and Chief Operations Officer of Diablo Vineyards.

Mark has been in business for himself for over 20 years in the Landscape contracting business all over the bay area. Mark is professionally licensed for a variety of pest and disease eradication and is well versed in all horticulture and viticulture health and compatibility.

In Mark’s experience most home vineyards thrive. This, he concludes, is because home vineyards tend to be better cared for than larger, commercial vineyards . . . "We are targeting central Contra Costa and down through the tri-valley," says Jochner.

"The soils and sunshine are conducive to vines.  We've learned a lot over the years about planting, constructing proper trellis systems, drip irrigation - and premium wine grapes . We have also found that vines are very forgiving . . . We've done wine making and wine growing classes at UC Davis and continue to learn from several professionals.

" If you think you know everything there is to know about vineyards your in trouble, so we continue to learn everyday "    ~   Mark Jochner

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