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Vineyard Facts

Vine Production
Most popular premium wine grapes will grow in our main service area.
Wine grapes begin to produce grapes in the third year (25% to 35% of vines).
In the fourth year about 75% to 85% of vines will produce grapes.
In the fifth year and thereafter, all vines will produce grapes.

vineyardsWater Consumption
Initially (first year) water consumption is one gallon per plant per day. In the second year about half of that amount of water is needed. In the third year water consumption again goes down by another 50%. By the fifth year and thereafter, roots are down deep and water consumption is low (6 to 15 hours per year at one gallon per plant).

Grape and Wine Production Quantitiesgrapes
Most wine grapes, depending on the weather, type, and maintenance level, will produce eight to 12 pounds of grapes per plant so you can expect to produce about one ton of grapes on a 200 plant vineyard or about two barrels of wine (500 bottles).

Typical Vineyard
Normally for small backyard vineyards, we space the rows 6 feet apart and the plants in each row 4 feet apart. To plant a vineyard with 200 plants, you would require an area 30 feet wide (6 rows) and 135 feet long (34 plants per row).vineyards

The vineyard's size, of course, could be wider and the length shorter to fit your yard. We will plant a vineyard as small as 80 plants or as large as 25 acres.

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